Types of Drugs | Damage | Symptoms and Treatment

Types of Drugs
Types of Drug, Damage, Symptoms and Treatment

Types of Drugs, Damage, Symptoms and Treatment

There are so many reasons for changing societal beliefs, the desire to do something new, different tensions, because of which the trend of addiction in the society is increasing rapidly. The most worrisome thing is that in the prey, the percentage of youth in the victim has increased rapidly.

In the youth, the introduction of intoxication is usually done by sweet auspicious and plain spices inside the school, which gradually reaches the drug-containing gutkha and cigarette containing tobacco. When the children stranded in the pressure of the peers or in the social circle, once they get caught, it is very difficult to remove them from this swamp. But if parents keep an eye on children and continue to study their activities, then seeing the behavior and movements, this disease can be caught initially.

Types of drugs

There are 3 types of drugs used for drug addiction. The first ups are called ‘Uppers’. These drugs make the drug addicts feel more energy and confidence. Some common ones are Cocaine, Ecstasy, Speed and Crack Cocaine.

Other types of drugs are known as ‘Downers’. The person taking these people feels calm and helpless, and he feels very sleepy. The names of some discussed downers are Alcohol, Hashish, Heroin and Quaaludes.

Third-class drugs are hallucinogens. The person who consumes them feels the illusion or they go to sleep. Heluycinensons are also pleasant and frightening, but it is not possible to know this thing from beforehand.There are some known hallucinogen – LSD, and Mescaline.

Crystal Meth:

Crystal Meth also has a name Methamphetamine. It is made from drugs called Amphetamine / Speed It has the same effect as the methoxetamine. By consuming it, the patient does not feel hungry and energy and activities increase. Along with that, the patient also feels confident and healthy.

Crystal Meth Schedule 2 is a stimulant drug. It is also used in the treatment of many diseases and is given only on prescription. But due to its increasing popularity among the drug addicts, it is made and sold worldwide in an illegal manner. There are also violent and aggressive effects in its addicts.

crystal meth drug
crystal meth drug

There are many variations of the consumption of crystal meth. Some people smell it, then some people mix it in a cigarette and take it as smoking. At the same time, some people take it as a food and some people take injection form for quick addiction. This drug effect is also different when taking crystal meth in different ways. Another feature of this is that the patient’s body gets addicted to it very soon.

Crystal meth can be made easily at home. That is why it is very difficult to stop its spread. This is the reason why many people do not consider it harmful. But this habit grips the person badly, which makes it very dangerous. Because of this, there are many bad results on the body. Crystal Meth’s addiction goes very fast. That is why patients take a dosage of crystal meth repeatedly to maintain the effect of addiction. It also keeps the chances of an overdose of crystal meth or excessive intake.

Brown Sugar:

Brown Sugar is found in powder form. In fact, this is a type of mixed drug that contains a mixture of many chemicals such as Strychnine, including cocaine and heroin waste. Those addicted to brown sugar burn on the foil

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar

paper and take the smoke out of it into the body through the tube. This drug shows the immediate effect, causing the patient to sleep immediately.

Brown sugar is not expensive, but due to its effect, it makes the patient very soon. Getting rid of it is very difficult to get rid of. At the same time, its worst side effect is that its patients cannot protect themselves from intoxication, which increases their appetite for fear of sexual abuse or danger.


Are you Drug Addictive? Check The Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Rock Cocaine:

Rock Cocaine is commonly known as Creck and is found in crystal form. This is cheaper than pure cocaine. Some chemicals are added to convert pure cocaine to crystal form. Its patients smell the smoke by burning it. Its addiction gets faster and its patients put their house-bar at stake to complete it.

Rock cocaine
Rock cocaine

The effect of the crack is usually the same as cocaine. The person who consumes this feels very energetic and enthusiastic. This is the reason why this addiction in the youth is spreading rapidly. Crack cocaine patients also make unprotected sex after their intake and enter the world of crime.

Symptoms of nasal inflammation, mental paranoia, insanity, nervous disorder, weight loss, bleeding from the nose are found in patients with whom they can be easily identified.



Rohypnol is also notorious in the name of the name Rape Drug worldwide. A woman who consumes this drug has a sensation, but her ability to resist is eliminated. This is the reason that after drinking it, the girl/woman knows that she is being sexually exploited, but she is unable to stop her. One of the other side effects also is that when the drug comes out the next day after the woman/girl’s body, then she does not even remember the sexual abuse.


Rohinolol Drug increases the effect of alcohol. The person using it feels very light as himself. By making excuses for this same thing, men often put pressure on men to take Rohinol and then create physical relations with them.

The most misuse of this drug is found in the Night Clubs, where men mix rhinolone pills/powders with puffs of women and drink them and then they are sexually exploited.

The Rohinapol schedule is a 6 prescription sleeping tablet, which can not be sold without a prescription. But often the dealer gets it through fake prescription and sell it to the youth. This is the reason that cases of Rohinolol intake are increasing in women and men.         


Hashish is actually the dry leaves of a plant named Cannabis, which are filled in cigarette and drank. Its smoke is also consumed by a pipe. It is also mixed in food or in cereals. It is sold as a block, which is broken and used.


In most people, the effect of hashish is like strong liquor. But some people use madness to get rid of it. That is why it is said that its effect varies from person to person. With the consumption of hashish, there is a problem like loss of memory, difficulty in learning/thinking, and lack of coordination for some time in the patient. It destroys the patient’s body’s resistance, due to which its patients suffer from multiple diseases and do not recover quickly.

The patients who are always consumed, remain uninterrupted. They speak slower, their eyes remain red and the pups spread. Because of this, its patients cannot do any work properly and their speed becomes very slow. As well, the speed of work is slow.


Heroin is made from the opium poppy. It is a form of morphine found in white or brown powder. Generally, heroin fads take it by injection, which gives it quick effect. In addition, it is also used by sniffing or blowing in the smoke.


By using heroin the body’s actions slow down. Their breath and beats slow down. From this, the drug addicts get rid of pain and experience the pleasure. But as well as addicts may experience vomiting and nausea. Its addictive is overwhelming. Thereby, the patient feels the need for more heroin to maintain the effect of intoxication, thereby endangering the risk of overdose.

When the heroin clips do not take it regularly, they begin to feel emptiness. They become diseases of the lungs and heart. When the pregnant woman consumes it, there is a bad effect on the child born in the womb. There is also a risk of miscarriage.

Major symptoms of drug

The biggest identity of drug traffickers is that their normal routine is completely destroyed. They become irresponsible in all the tasks. Staying away from home/family members, being an introvert, being absent from school or college and sitting in solitary confinement for a long time and annoying at the talk and being at war all the time are the main symptoms.

Drug addiction leads to a decrease in confidence of people. They become extremely careless towards cleanliness and also keep away regular tasks like brushing, bathing. It is a matter of such a strickenness in the movement of such people, it is a matter of utter tension or stammering in speaking. The symptoms are usually seen in people’s sleep, irregularity in sleep, loss of appetite, lukewarm eyes, swelling of eyes, swelling under the eyes, and burning of the eyes of the eyes like a tip of the sun.

There is a sudden change in the nature of those who come into the drug addiction. Lying on talk, borrowing, stealing and indulging in social activities, frequent accidents while driving, not spending time with old friends, coming home at certain times of new friends, spending more Being agitated and aggressive without getting demand and money, empty syringe of injection in bedroom or bathroom, thin paper-like file of cigarette top paper, thin plaque Ticks of the pipe and smoke black marks, and the disappearance of valuable items from the house are also commonly seen with addictive people.

Drug damage

The percentage of such people is very high, which take drugs from drugs to get rid of stress. Their intake seems to be relief in the beginning, but the end is extremely bad. On the one hand, when such people become victims of many physical ailments, they are putting themselves and families in jeopardy due to the same trend of violence and crime.

In the form of narcotics, the most famous hashish smoke has five times more carbon monoxide and three times more tar than cigarettes. Carbon monoxide is a color and odorless gas, which can take the life of the patient.

It is also consumed once a day to add cocaine or cracks. It is feared to have a high degree of dose, which can lead to the death of a person.

Due to drug intake, the patient may have very serious dehydration (lack of water in the body). Apart from these, kidney disease or depression is also done.

Drugs affect the patient’s decision-making ability. Because of this, the patients take a risk to make unprotected sex, which also increases the likelihood of AIDS.

If your child is a drug addict …

If you are afraid that your child is taking intoxicants, then at first you get as much information about drugs, their results, and resources. But unless your suspicion is firm, do not let the child be so clear at all.

First of all, check your child’s room and its accessories. Because the drug users who take drugs are kept in their bags, bathroom, bedroom, drawer or car. This stuff includes many things, such as cigarette rolling paper and rolling wheel, pipe Hubley-bubble or top of the broken bottle, powder, pills and plants, powder in Ashtray or pocket, leaves or seeds, flavored tobacco.

If your apprehensions are proven correct, first of all, try to talk to your child about your doubts. But it needs a lot of caution. Because if he has any problem, he can get angry and take any dangerous action in anger.

The most important thing to keep your child away from drugs is that you have a sincere and good attitude with him. When you are away, get to know the friends and friends of their friends and keep them in touch with them constantly. If you find out that your child is consuming drugs, then you contact the organizations involved in reducing addiction habit. With the help of them, you will be able to free your child from the clutches of narcotic drugs.

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