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  • Contracting with patients (to compensate great conduct and to rebuff awful conduct can enhance treatment results)

  • Social abilities preparing. The reason for intellectual social treatment
  • Continuing care (for their patients they keep on serving the best)

Drug Dependence Treatment Centre:

The Drug Dependence Treatment Center, AIIMS was set up in the year 1988 and was utilitarian from the premises of the DeenDayal Upadhyay Hospital, New Delhi. In 2003 it was redesigned as the National Center (National Drug Dependence Treatment Center) and is completely operational from its new premises in Ghaziabad, Delhi-NCR since April 2003.

The National Drug Treatment Center, Ghaziabad (NDDTC), AIIMS has been set up as the apex centre for treatment of drugs and substance abuse disorders in the country. It is directly having 50 had relations with treatment offices with development get ready for what’s to come. The inside has very much qualified multi-disciplinary workforce and staff to render different modalities of care. This inside has full scope of masters and offices. The middle does the important hematological, biochemical research center tests to screen wellbeing harm. Further, a few medications of mishandle are screened all the while through examination of patients’ pee test.

Nashamukti Kendnra:

Nav Vikalp Sansthan, where Nav Vikalp remains for “another substitute”, has constantly withstood to its name. Essentially, people who are dependent on liquor, medications et cetera., require some other to start their new time of life which is free from liquor and drugs, and here they stay as their partner remembering the true objective to assist them with accomplishing that discretionary life for an unrivaled future. Recovery focus, a day mind focus and guiding focus in Jaipur under a similar rooftop. They take this risk to stretch out their sincere gratefulness to the respected experts of their Jaipur recovery focus who has put their undertakings in achieving their goal of spreading the fight in India.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Central India:

Phoenix Foundation India:

Phoenix Foundation is a main Rehabilition Center for Substance Abuse and Behavioral Addiction situated in Hyderabad, India. Their Reliable and Effective Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery program is going and bolstered by experienced Dedicated Therapists and by propelled staff with years of involvement in treating enslavement. Their coordinated Addiction Recovery program was outlined under the protection of the 12 stage program affirmed by the World Health Organization for Addiction Treatment. At Phoenix Foundation they restore their customers with sympathy, adore, self-acknowledgment alongside the medicinal, mental treatment and instruction they have to recuperate from the impacts of habit.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in West India:

Anatta Humanversity:

Anatta Humanversity is an extravagance tranquilize recovery focus that for the most part takes into account performing artists, government officials and specialists.

The offices incorporate an estate and 3 and 4 room lofts, all situated in Pune. The pleasantries incorporate into house cook, rec center and swimming pool. The insides are rich and the surroundings are peaceful and stylish.

Arzoo Foundation:

Situated in Mumbai, the Arzoo Foundation has a group of specialists and other medicinal professionals. One can browse residence style, semi-luxurious or choice AC room. The offices incorporate exercise center, library, reflection room, satellite TV and every minute of every day control reinforcement. The middle is secured under CCTV reconnaissance. They offer patient home pickup benefit.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in South India:

AARIT Recovery Centre:

The AARIT Recovery Center is situated in Chennai. Here, one can pick amongst AC and non-AC rooms. The offices incorporate 24×7 superintendent supervision, TV relax, gathering territory and detox room. The treatment incorporates detoxification by clinicians and specialists, standard wellbeing examination by general doctors, 12-step recuperation program, amass treatment, exercise and individual and family advising.


Situated in Bangalore, Cadabam’s Amitha is an inside for short-and long haul restoration mind. The middle gives recovery to medicate mishandle running from tobacco and pot to cocaine and LSD and even dependence on resting pills and painkillers. For tranquilize enslavement, the treatment could last from 90 to 180 days. The program incorporates individual, gathering and family treatment, directing, yoga, reflection, psychotherapy and the 12-step program.

“AMITHA” signifying ”boundless” was the main focus to come up in the current premises named after Late Amitha M Cadabam sister of Mr Cadabam M Ramesh the Chairman of Cadabam’s Group. CADABAM’S AMITHA has been the middle which has given open door for all advancements in Psycho Social Rehabilitation and large number development of CADABAM’S as Group with different focuses of magnificence.

AMITHA CADABAM’S has been the mother focus where the vast majority of the current fruitful projects were acquainted and moved with different settings for selectiveness to name few are Supported Living, Supported Employment, Supported Education, De-Addiction, Short Term Rehabilitation and long haul tend to Persons with Intellectual and formative issue.


Punarjani is enrolled under the Indian Trusts Act 1882 and situated in Thrissur in Kerala. It is a withdraw focus, encompassed by lavish environs. The inside spotlight on liquor abuse and the de-fixation program incorporates Ayurvedic treatment, aside from solution, directing and motivational talks.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in India North East:

Genesis Foundation:

The Genesis Foundation has various branches in Kolkata and a couple of spread crosswise over West Bengal. They take after a psycho-profound treatment in light of guiding gave amid the pre-treatment, amid treatment and post-treatment stages. The treatment for tranquilize manhandle goes on for four months or more.

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